Bonus Balance

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1. Deposit 15 USDC or up to 1000 USDC equivalent $BTC or $CLOAK

2. Make a Deposit equivalent trade volume (Ex// Deposit 100 USDC and the close sum of 100 USDC positions or position)

Finally, get a 50% bonus balance of the deposit. Only Deposits made in February have the right to gain a bonus campaign.

Bonus Balance Usage:

A bonus owner cannot open a trade with a bonus total.

Once trade opened and closed in loss, if the account has enough bonus total to cover it, then losses are covered from the bonus. Let’s say a user has 200 USDC balance and 50 USDC bonus total. Once he opens a trade and loses 30 USDC, then 30 USDC deducted from 50 USDC bonus total. The user then has a 20 USDC bonus left. If the user loses 60 USDC at one trade, then 50 USDC deducted from the bonus total and difference 10 USDC deducted from the original account balance. Therefore account will have 190 USDC and 0 USDC bonus.

Once trade opened and closed in profit. The user gets the same amount of bonus transferred to the original account. Let’s say a user has 200 USDC balance and a 50 USDC bonus. When a trade makes 20 USDC profit, another 20 USDC from the bonus account is transferred to the main balance. In this case User has 200 USDC + 20 USDC (trade profit) + 20 USDC ( transferred from bonus account) 240 USDC + 30 USDC bonus.

If in a single trade user makes a greater profit then bonus amount, all bonus amount is transferred to the main balance. Let’s say 200 USDC makes 60 USDC profit where a user has a 50USDC bonus. Total balance will be 200 USDC + 60 USDC( trade profit) + 50 USDC ( all bonus balance). Therefore the total account consists of 310 USDC + 0 USDC bonus.